Saturday, February 28, 2015

National Mathematics Olympiad Preparation

National Math Olympiad is the second phase of Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad. Each year, the regional winners from all over the country compete at the National Olympiad. National Olympiad is comparatively harder than the divisional rounds. Usually students of secondary and higher secondary category attend an exam of four and a half hours. For Junior and Primary group, it is 3 and 2 hours respectively.

Preparing for the National Olympiad takes a lot of efforts. You must have a solid grasp of some basic problem solving skills. In this note, I'll be talking about category-wise preparation.

Junior, Secondary and Higher Secondary
Juniors, first go through all the math textbooks of high school, and learn any basic algebra you don’t know. Here are some useful books that you can follow to prepare your best for the NMO.


Theory And Exercise Books
1. The two Geometry text books of Class 9-10. These two books have very rich content and very good for starting geometry.
2. Geometry Revisited, Bengali translated version available as ‘জ্যামিতির দ্বিতীয়পাঠ’