Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Join Science Olympiad Blog

Science Olympiad Blog is recruiting International Ambassadors. Students from any country associated with Scientific Olympiads or Science Competitions can apply. We’re planning to establish a stunning science website with resources and guidelines for the Olympiads as well as updates about worldwide science competitions and summer science programs to help the young science lovers around the world. You’re welcome to be a part of this endeavour.

Also, Science Olympiad Blog does not want to confined to a single country. Since the blog's most of the readers come from Bangladesh, United States, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and so many other countries, we want to include ambassadors from different countries and promote their respective countries competitions as well.

Ambassadors can be high school or college (university) students who excelled in their National Olympiads as well as International Olympiads / International science competitions and want to help others to achieve the same feat. They will prepare guidelines, post updates about their country's upcoming Olympiads and science competitions, translate questionnaire, etc. In summation, ambassadors are expected to play an important role in promoting the website’s activity in their countries in order to motivate young science lovers.

To be an International Ambassador, write an email to ‘shahreerz@gmail.com’ mentioning your interest. On the text box, you must include your name, country, grade, institution, your past involvement in science activities, your awards in any scientific Olympiads, and how you can contribute to the Science Olympiad Blog? Deadline for application is 25th October, 2017. If you have any further queries, you're welcome to ask!

Friday, October 13, 2017

How to win medal at the IESO?

Hello Everyone! Thanks for reading.

I am Fahim Rajit Hossain, and recently I have won Bronze Medal at the International Earth Science Olympiad 2017 held at France. I am writing this article in order to help the future participants of International Earth Science Olympiad. First, let's start with the National Earth Olympiad. Although the organizing committee recommends "High School Earth Science" book from wiki-book which is freely available and easy-to-understand, I'll suggest the Stephen Marshak's book "Earth: Portrait of a Planet" (Click here to Download) for a comprehensive introduction to Geology. Here, I'm taking the opportunity to share that one of my seniors, Samen Yasar (won Silver at IESO 2016), prefers "Understanding Earth by John P. Grotzinger and Thomas H. Jordan" (Click Here to Download) instead of my suggested book. Both of the books are equally good and should be explored by aspirers for an IESO medal. 

For further practice, I recommend New York State Education Department's Regent Earth Science exams (Click Here to Download). If you want to clarify you understanding of different concepts, you can watch these videos from the YouTube playlist that I created while preparing for the IESO (Link). 

Last but not the least, Try to solve as many problems as possible from the past papers of the International Earth Science Olympiad. I have created a Google Drive for the past papers. You can download the papers from here. (Link). Here's the Cherry on top: My Collection of Study Materials for IESO (Google Drive Link

Also, don't forget to look at the resources available at the Science Olympiad Blog. (Link). All the best for your journey to winning a medal at the IESO. Cheers!